Doctoral Program

Florida Atlantic University offers a Ph.D. degree in Experimental Psychology. Graduate students in our program specialize in one of the following four research areas of psychology.

  • behavioral neuroscience
  • cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience
  • developmental psychology
  • social/personality psychology

The Ph.D. graduate program requires 80 semester hours of coursework beyond the bachelor's degree, in addition to a comprehensive examination and a completed dissertation research project. Ph.D. graduate students are accepted on a full-time basis and are expected to finish degree work in 4-5 years.

How to apply

The Graduate Neuroscience Training Program, a coordinated point of entry for graduate trainees in neuroscience at FAU, supports the training efforts of neuroscience faculty from the Colleges of Science, Medicine, and Engineering. The program provides for an integrated and well-rounded experience for PhD students, exposing trainees to the breadth of neuroscience inquiry through a common 1st-year curriculum and shared seminars from nationally recognized neuroscientists. in the first year, students are introduced to the research of potential Ph.D. mentors and three different Ph.D. programs (Experimental Psychology, Integrated Biology-Neuroscience, and Complex Systems and Brain Sciences) via program-specific workshops and laboratory rotations.

Program students receive nationally competitive stipends, medical insurance coverage, and financial assistance with relocation. The program embraces research opportunities in theoretical, fundamental and translational neuroscience, and through the three graduate programs, it sponsors, offers opportunities for affiliations and collaborations with leading research centers and institutes, including the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience and the Scripps Research Institute.