Welcome to the Infant Cognition Lab at Florida Atlantic University! 

Welcome to the Infant Cognition Lab at Florida Atlantic University! We are interested in knowledge that infants possess very early in development, knowledge that infants acquire more gradually, and the kinds of experiences that support early knowledge acquisition. As part of this work, we measure infants’ attention to visual events and patterns of brain activation while infants view these events. The outcome of these studies will help us identify how the infant brain is organized and how infants learn about their world.  

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If you are a student and interested in participating in the lab as a research assistant, click on the “Students” tab.  

If you are a parent who would like to bring your infant to the lab, click on the the “Parents” tab. Each visit is relatively short (about 30 minutes) and parents and infants typically have fun. Come join us for a visit and contribute to science! 

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 Research Team Summer 2019

Summer 2019 Lab Staff
Back Row (Left to Right): Chloe Joseph, Daniella Hernandez, Valerie Aalo, Martina Leveroni, Nicole Aranda 
Front Row (Left to Right): Jacqueline Stotler (Lab Manager), Samantha Quevedo, Teresa Wilcox (Lab Director), Adriana Maganelles, Janessa Ma