Welcome to the Infant Cognition Lab at Florida Atlantic University! 

Wonder how we study infants? This video will show you an infant participating in one of our experiments! Or read our latest newsletter!


The Florida Atlantic University Infant Cognition Lab focuses on discovering what infants know about about their world and how knowledge changes with time and experience. As part of this work, our goal is to identify brain areas that are important for infants learning about people and objects. This research helps identify how the young brain is organized and developmental processes that support early learning. Our current study involves infants sitting and watching a puppet show while we record data about their looking time.


Our studies could not take place without the help of parents who bring their infants to visit the lab. If you are a parent who is interested in participating, visit our For Parents webpage.  Each visit is quick (only about 30 minutes). Our research is fun, and we always have a good time with the parents and infants who visit us! Come join us for a visit and contribute to science!



Click here to download directions to our lab.