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Comprehensive degree requirement sheets published by Freshman Academic Advising Services provide information about the BA and BS degree programs in the Psychology Department within the context of the Intellectual Foundations Program. Click HERE to review and download those documents Freshman Academic Advising Services Forms.

Student Services Handbook from the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

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FAU Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry   (OURI)


  • Exists solely to help students find   research mentors & accrue experience

  • Sponsors competitive grants/awards   that you can use to fund your research   (looks great on a CV!)

  • Sponsors undergraduate research  symposia where you can present your  data.

  • Other training opportunities include:

    • How to  prepare for the GRE.

    • Identify  graduate programs.

    • Writing a   statement of purpose.

    • And more.

FAU Center for Service Learning

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