Welcome to the WAVES Laboratory

Developmental Research group


Welcome to the WAVES Emotion Lab at Florida Atlantic University! The purpose of the WAVES Emotion Lab is to understand the factors that contribute to the development of socio-emotional Wellness during infancy and childhood. Our focus is on investigating the physiological and behavioral underpinnings of Affective development. Recognizing the Value of parental socialization practices, we strive to investigate Emotions that contribute to the development of optimal Socio-emotional functioning.


Current theories and research into brain development note that the frontal lobes continue to develop throughout early childhood. Our goal is to examine the factors that contribute to risk and resilience in the development of emotional response. Individual differences in temperament and social interactive attachments to parents impact the trajectory to emotionally competent functioning during childhood. Our research, funded in part by the National Institutes of Mental Health, is designed to explore and understand the contributors to optimal infant and child development.