Lana Jones

  • Visiting Instructor
  • Boca Raton - BS , 244


2011, Ph.D. Neuroscience, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

2006, MA Experimental Psychology, Florida Atlantic University

2004, BA Psychobiology, Florida Atlantic University

2000, BS Biology, Florida State University

Research Interests

Dr. Jones research interests include understanding the biochemical mechanisms associated with normal age-related cognitive decline, as well as anesthesia-induced cognitive deficits in an elderly population. Aside from these interests, Dr. Jones is highly interested in topics in positive psychology that contribute to improved undergraduate student academic performance and success in college, as well as comparisons of teaching methods that contribute to the students who thrive in the academic environment.

Research Description

Dr. Jones is not conducting ongoing research at this time. However, Dr. Jones previous research experience involved biochemical pathway investigations associated with spatial learning impairment in aged rodents following long duration anesthetic exposure. Specifically, using a spatial learning task (Morris water maze), an investigation of learning deficits associated with prolonged exposure to isoflurane anesthesia in older rats (18 months old) was compared to younger adult (4-5 months old) Fischer 344 rats. The involvement of the NR2B subunit of the NMDA receptor’s functional role in the hippocampus of these animals was also examined. Additionally, inflammatory processes in the nervous system were associated with age-related cognitive decline, prior to anesthetic exposure

Recent Publications

*Formerly known as Lana Jones Mawhinney, cited below as “Mawhinney, LJ”

Mawhinney, LJ*, Mabourakh, D., Lewis, MC (2013) Gender-specific differences in the Central Nervous System’s Response to Anesthesia. Translational Stroke Research (4) 2, 462-475.

Mawhinney, LJ*, de Rivero Vaccari, JP, Alonso, OF, Jiminez, CA, Furones, C, Moreno, WJ, Lewis, MC, Dietrich, WD, Bramlett, HM (2012) Isoflurane/nitrous oxide anesthesia induces increases in NMDA receptor subunit NR2B protein expression in the aged rat brain. Brain Research (11) 23-34.

Mawhinney, LJ, de Rivero Vaccari, JP, Dale, GA, Keane, RW, Bramlett, HM (2011) Heightened inflammasome activation is linked to age-related cognitive impairment in Fischer 344 rats. BMC Neuroscience (12),123

Scholarly Activities